Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why Are Chelsea Charms Boobs So Big?

-Part I

Having done enough work on the chances of your blog it's time to investigate how we can configure and manage the blog we've created.
Let's start with the Settings tab . To access it below presents a submenu with the following possibilities: Basic
: Allows you to change certain parameters such as the blog title, description, if we let our blog be added to the lists accessible to everyone, whether search engines can index our content or even delete your blog. Publication
: For meido of this option can change the name in the subdomain of your blog. That is, if we have a blog in which the address is: because we can change the subdomain blogdereinaldo different one, just remember to be lowercase and do not use strange characters like our ñ, symbols like "," interrogation, exclamation, tildes, etc.
Format: This option allows you to change some features of the presentation of our blog as the number of entries to display, the format of the date of entry, entry date, time format, time zone, language .. .
Comments: This option and saw a previous post. File
: our chance to change our rate of archive months, weeks, days, or without providing indexing laterla menu. Site Feed
: With these options you can configure the way that we can offer content syndication of our blog.
Email: With this option will get sent to a maximum of 10 email our blog. We may also indicate the email we send news and images for publication.
OpenID: to make changes on our identification in areas where permits. View the Wikipedia link.
Permissions: You can add authors (up to 100) to our blog and also filter your readers (up to 100) from any to just the authors.


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