Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How To Keep Weave Hair From Tangling

Task 8: Audio

To perform this task should have reference to the blog post with the title of Insert audio on the blog. There are many repositories
audio (sounds, music, narration ..) we're going to try with three sites so you can watch how to look for the embed code. These sites are:
RADIOTECA: . Site where you can access many educational audios.
Goear . Place where we can look up audio and
Odeo. To search for music audio, it also allows up.
Radio.blog.club . Offers an extensive database with all kinds of genres, with the ability to search by both authors and works.

First, of course we will create an entry for the audio to show context. However that has been around the International Day Violence against women (November 25), we will create an entry on that day to encourage hearing and that students approach also contributing lso opinions through comments.

So once you open the new entry write a brief introductory text on 25 November to then insert the audio. To do this go to RADIOTECA . In the menu area (left) chop with the mouse on the option GENDER AND SEXUALITY. This will display the submenu and choose sopciones arising mouse Violence Against woman. This means that in the central area are deployed audios have classified under this category. Each audio is presented with its title and a number of details (text report, production, country, language, format, theme, sub ..). On the right we have a panel with some controls reproduction and other technical details. Also with the ability to download audio, think about it, recommend it and place it on your website.
As we want to do this last because we split on Put this audio on your website. To bite on that option a window appears with the possibility of taking the code. It shows two codes, the first allows us to have the player on the blog and the second to put a link to the website that appears audio.
So select the first option clicking with the right mouse button on the field that has the code and selecting Copy.
With this we go to the post you're composing, select the Edit HTML tab, go to where we want to bring up the audio player and with the right mouse button or select it in paste (CTRL-V). Thus
and we inserted our player. We end the inning pidendo to our visitors to state their opinion on what is heard. We recorded the entry and see how the result has been thereof.

we could come Goear and Odeo. In these cases we look for the audio input text form field that appears at the top. Once the selection arises oferce we choose the appropriate by clicking on the title and another screen will appear with full information of the audio with their hearing and the possibility of taking the code to embed in our blog. This code usually begins with the sign "OBJECT <" seguido de and the rest of code in both srevidores mentioned. So the procedure is the same as for RADIOTECA.

Finally we can put audio Radio Blog .
1. Navigate to Radio.blog.club
2. Use the search engine that offers you to find music that interests you. Once you locate the file, click on the blue button to display the player code on the right side of the screen:

3. You can customize the player by changing the body color, border, button and text. When you are to your liking select the code and copy to the clipboard (Ctrl + C or right mouse button and select Copy).
4. With the code is copied to the post you're composing, select the Edit HTML tab, we to where we want to bring up the audio player and with the right mouse button or select it in paste (CTRL-V).
5. Save the changes, see the preview and / or publish the entry and displays the blog-inlet.


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