Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yello Wood Finger Board

Task 2: Insert

After creating our blog, Blogger invites us to create our first entry or post.
To do this it is best to present and explain the use to which it wants to give to your blog. Do not forget that blogging is not extended, but be concise and clear.
By accessing the ticket creation screen offers a form with three fields: title, body text, images and multimedia label field.

The second field is the largest and has a menu bar options. It works like a small word processor with options to select:
  • text font size font
  • Style: bold, cursova, color, web link
  • Alignment: left, center, right and justified
  • Lists: bulleted and numbered
  • entercomillado
  • Block Check spelling
  • Add Image Add Video
  • Delete the selected format
There are also two tabs in this area: HTML Editing and Writing . It is advisable to have chosen the latter. The preview us entry as published in the blog.
Finally we fill in the label field . these are used to organize information blog, that way we can find information more quickly and effectively. It also serves to ensure that our visitors have an idea of \u200b\u200bthe issues is our blog.

sopciones Another of the editor we offer is called input options that will give us the option to give permission to comment or not. change also allows the date and time of entry.

So once written input can see a preview and if we decide to publish it by clicking on the Post Entry button . If we see not yet be published because the store by selecting the option Save Now .

This is the year we will perform.


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