Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meguire Wax Vs Turtle Wax

Task 5:

Content syndication is a matter of vital importance in the digital world in which we live because we can keep abreast of what's happening in the world and our place dear. This is because the information did not travel but she will travel to us and then decide to go there for more complete our knowledge about it.

do not have to visit every day our favorite blogs just need to give us high on a page that lets you embed content syndication from various sites. These include: Google Homepage , Google Reader, Bloglines etc. Yambio is possible to FEED aggregator on your computer with programs installed on it. This is the great invention of what is called Syndication, or RSS. For more information

an excellent article in the journal CONSUMER.

to syndicate a blog using Blogger we proceed as follows:
1) Go to the address range of the naveador. You'll find an icon ( ) page of this blog. Pica in and find him and aprecer√° " Subscribe to: Course coeducational Journals (Atom) " and " Subscribe to: Course coeducational Blogs (RSS)" , click one of the two options and a window opens in which all entries presnete. Copy the URL of the page you just entered.
2) Go to the administration of your blog and click on "File", then "Elements of a page." "Add an item" to be in this case a FEED. Paste the address you copied and hit continue. Already see what will appear on the blog. Guarda. The item has been added to the sidebar, you can drag the mouse to make it appear above or below your choice.
You can see how this blog is syndicated news wings CEP de Granada. Thus

if you see the blog will notice that on the right side there is information on the latest entrdas of this blog.

This can be done with any website that observe the icon referred to above.
But the best is to have the FEED own website in which we organize our interesting sites by category.


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