Monday, November 24, 2008

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Insert Insert audio on the blog

Another possibility to give life to blogging is to insert audio . This opens the way for us to integrate their own auditions ( mini-lectures, exhibitions, poetry, stories, stories ...) but other products already developed by third parties.

The process by which we record audio, upload to a server and allow it to be syndicated and embedded on a blog, wiki or web page , Is called PODCAST or PODCASTING . I
leave this link on how to make a podcast and that other to count him lighter. Also I leave this very complete tutorial formats conceptual map of Lourdes Barroso.

audio file that we will be mainly used in audio and music servers. So it will go to these places where to search or to upload your creations.

The first step will then go to one of these servers to find audio files. Because there are several of them because I enumerate a few:
RADIOTECA : . Site where you can access many educational audios.
Goear . place where we can go and search audio
Jamendo. To find music
Classical Music. Only classical music formats ogg
FindSounds . Sound only
Radiola. Place to find recordings s stories, ads, etc..
Odeo. To find audio music also allows you to upload.
Woices . Another place to get on and off echoes (phone recording)

Once we have decided the place, sailed up to him and try to find the audio in which we are concerned. There is usually a form field where you enter the title search. Then if the file will present a search result in which there may be multiple. We access the desired file by clicking the title or some other graphic elements that will present the information and of the audio. Now is the time to listen to then we should find the code you need to inlaid on our blog. As you have experienced the code should start, most part of the time, with the clause EMBED OBJECT or . Copy this code (right click, copy) go to our blog and the insert from the tab "Edit HTML " the desired location. Save and tested.

These are the essential steps.


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