Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How To Keep Snakes Out Of My Garden

blog-Part II Setting up the blog

Another of the possibilities offered by Blogger refers to design of our blog. If you time the work was omplicada today Blogger has improved this aspect and allows us to introduce our series of gadget or widget (mini applications to complete or improve our blog with very specialized functions, under this same concept is also a comb). We can also change the font and colors to use in the log, the ability to edit the HTML template or select a new template.
To immerse ourselves in this section should go to the administration area of \u200b\u200bour blog and click on the Design tab . Once we have done we are presented with several options on the bottom row of tabs to the area, already mentioned above.
The first option presented to us and that is selected by default is to Page Elements. She will add and organziar pemrite the items on the page and shows an outline of the template you are using.

From here you can edit siguienets elements:

navigation bar: clicking the edit access a window where we can only change the aesthetics of the area by selecting among several proposals. Header

our blog : clicking on the edit option appears another window through which we will change the title of the blog andthe description. Similarly we can upload an image that is hosted on your PC or on the Web. This really will completely change the aesthetics of the head because it will insert a more evocative or attractive and may be placed according to the options listed below. The header image should be 740 pixels wide by 100 pixels high 0130. Recommendation: Before making changes is better to save the template on your computer to restore it if unexpected hap. (Edit HTML tab , option Download Full Template).

Blog Entries: In this section you can make several changes in its structure. By clicking on the option to edit a window appears in which we choose how many entries can be viewed on the page, date formatting, comments, tags ... Also we have some elements of the position you want.

lateral area menu: Here you can enter widgets or gadgets that I talked to the top of this post. In this case there is the option to edit as it is replaced by the expression insert a gadget. Gadgets already entered will appear with your ability to edit. When clicking on add a gadget for us a window with the various gadgets that we can include classified by different categories. Once you choose us you get the option of filling the data that each gadget you need.
Finally we can also edit the footer adding a gadget.


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