Sunday, November 16, 2008

Installing Pokemon Red Ti 84 83

Insert images

To insert images in our driveway so we only use the button
But first locate the cursor in the place we want to insert.
Once we decided to insert the image click on the button above and we get the following screen:

We then have 2 options: upload a picture from our team or direct an image already on the web. According to decide to select the appropriate area of \u200b\u200bthe screen.

If the first option (from our team), click the Browse button, locate the file on the hard drive of your computer and will fill the field.

If the second option (from Web) we have copied the address (URL) of the image to paste into the field labeled URL. To perform this step when we see only the screen image, copy the web address bar of your browser. If accompanied by more elements we get over the image, right click properties ask, mark and copy the address.
In both cases we select the alignment and size, both options at the bottom of the screen.

Once these steps have to click on the Upload button image. In this way and after a few moments we will present another screen with the selected image and the Finish button we inserted image in the blog.

say that sometimes you do not insert the image in the right place to do it's best to go about it pit the right mouse button, select cut, go with the cursor to the area you wish to place it and biting again in the right- mouse choose Paste. Thus we have the image where we want. Once uploaded

may be adjusted by pressing and pulling up the edges. We should never try to upload large photos. One solution to this is the program Snipshot .

programaque Snipshot is to modify an image from the Web or your hard drive. Resize, crop ... A good profit online, without having a program on your computer to do so.


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