Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vlc Problem With Undf

Insert video blog on the blog

The video today is an irreplaceable resource to present and transmit stop and awareness. Let's see how
offer video on our blog. To do this we have two options: either leave the link for the video to look at the original place where it is stored or do that can be viewed in our own blog. Us and we will do this by selecting the latter option. To insert videos

can use multiple servers that host as YouTube, Google Video , Dailymotion , Delealplay and TeacherTube . From any of these services how to insert the videos is the same. We are going to learn it from YouTube.
Youtube is a server where we can not only search for videos related to the topic that we are working but we can upload and share them with others so they can benefit from our work and thus facilitate his.

first sail in a different tab or window to which we have our blog. We arrived YouTube (click here), and note that the screen there is a search field
p where we can search video released by the name that the user has been registered by the words of the title and the tags or labels, so if in our case co-ed looking for something that is the words on the field or related to it. Once written the word or words to give the button "Search" we are presented with a list of results. You can try searching with different words or terms as in the search engines (eg + primary coeducation, "coeducation in secondary coeducation + course ...). You can see that I parked video listings. All of them are accompanied large numbers and information: title, description, tags (labels), date, user and number of times you have viewed.

From the video list it to appear, if we click the thumbnail of the video title or exhibit the same playing together with other data and information on it. One of them is the URL that matches the address that appears in the browser address field and field gold is the EMBED or INSERT. This is what interests us. So chop at once with the left mouse button is selected (changes color to blue background) and it will itch with the right mouse button opens a popup menu and select COPY.
to insert it into the blog create a new entry, if we have not already created, click on the tab EEdiciĆ³n HTML "and paste the code (right click, Paste, or CTRL-V). Then we return to the tab" Compose "and type the text Terina to accompany you, if necessary. If we click on "Preview" see what it looks like the entrance.

I offer some links that best complete these explanations:
Then here's a sample video embedded:


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