Sunday, November 23, 2008

How To Look Like Dahvie Vanity

Task 7: List of links

Another powerful tool is offered by Blogger possibility of adding a simple and easy a series of links to other blogs or websites page so that only we can tap on them to move, and take a look. It's a way to offer our visitors a selecicón of blogs and web pages often more interested.
This possibility is reflected in the Administration area blog, select the menu " Design" and within it the " Page Elements." Once in this screen, we see that we offer an outline of the template you are using.

then chop the Click on "Add a gadget (element). This will cause the emergence of a window where you can see the supply of components and utilities that supply Blogger. We must find " List Blogs" or " Links List." Although the two are similar they differ in that the first utility is directed to submit the blog and has some different characteristics from the second option that is intended to add only web pages.

If we choose the first option by clicking on the logo or name of the utility presnete us another screen like this:

Fill the different fields of the form
beginning with the title to be given to the section, the shape we are presented sorted, what blgos be shown, and other cararacterísticas as Icon, Title newest item, etc. Later we click on the " Add a blog to your list " and we will put the blog URL chosen, contacted him and will take the name of the blog, which then can be changed.
Once we have completed to register the different posts allowed, by clicking on the button "Save " we all saved and placed in the sidebar or footer area, as we chosen at first.
Later, if you wish to make edits, high or low, you can edit the gadget.

If instead we want to introduce the gadget "list of links " proceed in the same manner except that the options are more limited, only the section title and later the title of the web and the address or URL of it. Here you see the screen that appears:

Once saved, we place the item or gadget in a different area to where it exits, only to drag the column systems up or down will succeed put in place and order you want. We can add as many wish lists, each with its list of links.
To change it, open it by clicking the edit from the modification area of \u200b\u200bthe template.


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