Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Task 6: Comments

Another relevant aspect of a blog and give it life are the comments. There are blogs where entries are dozens of comments acompaladas. this is due to the relevance of the author and his followers.

education in our blog you must be even more because one of the issues we want is that certain news or opinions to our students and faculty can participate by expressing their feelings and reasoning. In fact it is common practice that the teacher will explain in an article in an issue on which the students must shed its opinion despuñes a debate.

We only enter the General Settings menu, there we have the sub COMMENTS. There are several options to highlight the most important
  • Show / Hide Comments
  • People who can comment: Anyone registered users, registered users of Google users and members of the blog. Comment Moderation
  • : always, after a few days, never
  • Email
  • notification
Verify that this option is enabled "People who can comment: Registered users" . And keep it, if it was not. This will allow for comments to all users with Gmail and Blogger registration. But we can leave the choice of any and enable comment moderation or activaractivar the box "word verification" to avoid spam or not to enable comment moderation. Moderation can not be published until the blog Administrator must not give permission. It is interesting to fill the field of e-mail notification every time the system reaches a comment send us an e-mail notice.
In short it is something that must decide and that you can change according to your experience when ye will come.

We must also remember that when we create an entry can enable or not the comments on this entry.

Comments may be deleted by the administrator of the blog from the Create Menu Entries, selected Moderate comments. You will see a list of all comments that have arrived, published or not. from there on you can delete any of them.

Now is the time to post comments to this blog and teammates.


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