Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is It Normal To Have Blotchy Hands

Syndication Task 4: Embed a video

Let's write a new post but in this case should accompany the text with video.
To do this we have two options: either leave the link for the video to look at the original place where it is stored or do that can be viewed in our own blog. Us and we will do this by selecting the latter option.

Videos that we will use will be stored in containers or servers as YouTube, Google Video and Dailymotion . There are others like and Delealplay TeacherTube. From any of these services how to insert the videos is the same.

So first think of some event or events that are going to communicate and seek first video on Youtube.

Once searched, create a new entry, write some text about what we offer and insert the video as described in the information dedicated to it and entitled: Insert Video on the blog.

Finally we can complete with more text or otherwise "Save as Draft" or "Post."


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