Saturday, December 6, 2008

Prospects For Msc Finance

visitor traffic Task 11: Inserting images and text widgets

We may have seen that in many posts contain images that link to pages on campaigns, reports, etc., which, perhaps, wish they said. We usually offer a code that will display a logo or image of the campaign and the link, through him, to where the campaign said.

If you want to appear in the sidebar (widgets) you must insert the code in the "Design" Page Elements "add a gadget an HTML / Javascript or image and paste the code only. This depends on what we offer. The example is my first of a campaign that offers both the code and select a type gadget HTML / Javascript. Instead the second example is an image that must link to a URL or Internet dircción and do not give you the code, so we can use the gadget image.

can try with two examples:

CAMPAIGN: YOU ARE WHAT YOU WRITE , AS YOU WRITE . For correct use of language in blogs. Add a gadget type HTML / Javascript and paste the code that we offer.

CAMPAIGN OFFICIAL RECOGNITION OF WEB PUBLISHING . Once at the site, a wiki, in the lower page is the option Put it BANNER. Once on that page choose the banner you want depending on the size offered. Copy the path of the image, go to your blog and in the area of \u200b\u200b"Design" Page Elements ", pick a gadget-type image. It must put the URL of the image and set how external and on the other hand, you must copy the URL of the website where you want to link in the "Link". The Title and Caption, in this case need not be filled in but, if you want, do it.


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