Saturday, December 6, 2008

Miniature Engine Model Kits

Task 12: Inserting

If we add to your sidebar a counter that tells us the place from which the visitors to our blog can add
a widget from Feedjit has several free widgets showing a report of site visitors and can be used anywhere without having to register.

You only go to Feedjit page and select one of the 4 offered, although the first two are the ones that most interest us: the Live Traffic Feed and Live Traffic Map. The first one presnete procedncia unarelación of our past visitors and the second we offer a world map with places where there have been visits.

can configure them in terms of colors and then copy the code that we offer in the form field to insert it into our blog by adding a text gadget and cheating on him cçódifo. But offers the possibility to use the option to add it directly to Blogger and if we are to open session (identified) in Blogger, we automatically inserts the code on the blog you want.


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