Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Banana Reduce Skin Redness

-Part III Configuring

We will continue discussing the possibilities with the following design Menu options Design.

Fonts and Colors: we can change the aesthetic in terms of fonts and colors on our site. A screen divided into two frames or frames . At the top presents the possibilities of changing color and font of the various sections of our blog. Just select and save or cancel changes. In the bottom frame appears our blog with the changes that are happening as you do.

HTML Edit: This option is one of the oldest in Blogger since all the changes we wished to perform type gadget had to be done by inserting the code in the template. It is thus a difficult choice and drawbacks so that you may give the erroneous manipulation ruin our blog. At first comes the recommendation to perform a backup of our staff for if we had unexpected surprises. This option lets you save the template Neustr computer to make changes to it and if we do not like or have "messed up" to restore the old template file from the hard disk Neustr. The second option presented to us is precisely to recover our staff. But it also serves to use an external template that Blogger does not come in but other Web sites such as:
Blogger Templates
More templates for Blogger
Insert a template that we provide on the Web is bajársela in a file that is the area code and from the Edit Design-HTML, taking the above option of uploading a template.
The rest of the page are options to help correct the mistakes, or undoing the changes to restore or recover the old template to Classic Template.

Pick New Template: This option has the classic templates that Blogger offers, select one of them and within each one can choose a range of colors. We preview template and the Save Template button can make the changes.

Finally at the top right we see several options such as: Desktop
: with it leads to the area of \u200b\u200bmanaging the various blogs, is like the lobby.
My account: access certain parameters of our Google account that we can change the password, security question and sites from which unauthorized access to Blogger. We can also see other services that use Google (Picasa, Calendar, Sites, Gmail, Documents ...)
Help : for now is in English. Exit
: Used when we're in a strange computer out of the zone of Blogger is not to open session and another person can access our data and blogs. Remember when Neustr accedemso a blog to manage it with your username and password, log in to the computer that serves the blog, leaving a cookie-cookie "on your computer through which we attempt to administer the blog without having to write continuously our password. This session usually lasts a long time so it is advisable to close COMPUTERS especially strangers.
This is all about shaping our blog.
There are other ways to modify the aesthetics of our blog but requires more knowledge that can be acquired by searching the Web and read entries from other colleagues who are more advanced.


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