Sunday, December 14, 2008

Theoretical Yield Benzocaine

now also SVG

This is the first publication of this new blog. My goal is to loose talk about some little project I've been doing on SVG. I'll comment a little to do in each, thus contributing to others loose ideas that need to do something like what I've done.

could also talk about how to make SVG games, but do not expect me to spend has great games like those seen in flash, as much would be games where I explain some simple tricks.

Another idea also is to discuss SVG files that others have made and explain how they work.

In principle I have three projects to comment, and I'll speak slowly. These projects are also hosted on another website (to let you see the SVG directly from your browser.) This website is using popup windows (pop-ups), but this blog will not use intrusive ads (if I have future plans to add advertising Ad-sense, which is slightly annoying). Be blocked pop-ups may be enough in that other website.
  • Chart with English regions. is a program from a text document with data (such as the population in this case) generates an SVG file with some interactivity, where when you mouse silhouettes above amending the text is below. For the future it would be interesting to use several maps.
    In the first version I used this map:
    So the maps would be to do with the GFDL. The program will deliver you with BSD license.
  • 3D surface plot. is a C program that generates an SVG file static graphic with lighting effects and various positions. My idea is that you could turn this chart. The downside of this project is that a certain number of polygons the browser takes much to draw the graph (this is the case of the image, which can take 10''full drawings.) Ya, that is to create a complete rendering engine in SVG ... I think that cop out of my ability, lol.
  • laser simulator by Lissajous figures. is a SVG file with several buttons that change the shape of a polygon-like shapes giving a typical effect that is done with lasers, or can be displayed on oscilloscopes. A future idea would be the possibility of adding new figures, and displayed a dialog or other figure as it is.


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