Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mexicanas Hermosas Culiando

The main theme of this blog will be programmed using the standard vector SVG files. That standard is very similar to SWF, but has different advantages and disadvantages of different to SWF.

The main drawback is that hardly is spread on the Internet, are only compatible Opera, Google Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer can be compatible with Adobe extension part is installed, but few users would be willing to install it. Currently over 25% of browsers in the world would be able to use SVG without problems, although this percentage is steadily increasing. (1)

Another reason for low usage is that there are hardly any resources for SVG (forums, tutorials ...), while for SWF there are many more.

As highlight advantages SVG is text-based format and XML. This is that it be easily created without additional libraries used by any program. Another advantage is that it is a free format, without patents or royalties (royalties), and can be used without problems.

As for programming, use ECMAScript, which is a language similar to Java Script.

SVG files stored on character always open (unless you use a code obfuscator) since and have not compiled all the code visible. SWF files are created from FLA file with all "material" and distributed "compiled" in SWF format (there are special applications that can decompile, although recovery is never original code).

Another advantage of SVG is that you can use CSS style files, which are better integrated into web pages. Finally, I would emphasize that being an XML format, it is less likely to compatibility issues with different versions of SVG.

As support for mobile phones, PDAs ... SVG format can be well supported by some smaller versions called SVG Tiny and SVG Basic. These versions do not have the same opportunities as the full version (no filters, for example). Although many models are not limited to SVG Tiny and SVG Basic include some features of the full SVG format.

When deciding on one or another must assess the advantages of each.


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