Thursday, April 22, 2010

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What can parents do? Internet is not secure

The number one rule is "Never stop navigate freely to children and teenagers alone at Red." Is worthless grounds that "certain that they know more than me." With the natural curiosity that characterizes children and adolescents when they exchange information with friends, sure that children know better than you all over the neighborhood where drugs are trafficked, but not going to give ten euros to look for a dose. Your natural reaction will be informed of those sites, and keep them away.
Protege a tus hijos de Internet
The Internet and computers is basically the same. Provision should reasonable limits and explained, but based on the authority of parents when the arguments are not enough. Something has to be older to serve, if only to know more and be more cautious. Once set time control systems and content filtering, try the Internet as a tool, and not succumb to the temptation to succumb to many parents and educators use it as a reward mechanism. "If you behave yourself, if you clean your shoes, if you order your room, you can browse an hour." Internet is just a tool, and in many cases, no substitute for a good book.
Protege a tus hijos de Internet
For children, the network of networks, through both computer and mobile phone is an adventure, an exciting discovery, a great and fun place where they can constantly make new friends, and where every minute is a new experience.
The problem is that they can not imagine that such a nice friend you are talking to in chat for a couple of months, it is actually a self-conscious middle-aged geek, charged with pedophilia. Similarly, it is very difficult to realize that page so much fun with these cartoons and jokes such black and white actually belongs to a dangerous supremacist group.
Three quarters of the same is true for adolescents and teenagers who encounter the overnight with a network of friends able to provide all kinds of tricks that feed back their eating disorders and various addictions.


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