Monday, April 19, 2010

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Protege a tus hijos de Internet
The number of Internet users is growing steadily, and the same happens with computers in private homes. That familiarity makes the majority of users have the feeling that both are safe enough. It is a terrible paradox. In other safe houses with alarms on entry points, security doors with steel frame and protected portals doorman, no missed an open window to danger. Unfortunately, much of the Internet is not yet convinced that a computer connected to the Internet is as dangerous as leaving the door open and, therefore, not taken. On the other hand, there is a sector of the population who do know these risks, but instead of taking precautions, be given with a dark line: "Is not nothing you can do," there will always be criminals, "" above are extremely complex technology "... Enough excuses to sit back and let things happen.
Internet is not a reflection of society, brutal, revolt and dark, full of the best and the worst. A nest of culture, entertainment, relationships and entertainment, on par with the origin of a number of deaths. Yes deaths, as it reads.
Protege a tus hijos de Internet
Today, the bully, the pederast and murderer have it much easier. They left the squalor of the streets by the intimacy of your living room. They may stalk the goals put the slippers, while sipping a beer. Are now the victims through the Internet, and these often not even aware of the danger and flocking to his arms.
No joke. It is not yellow journalism. It is simply the case of Peter Chapman, a sex offender become brutal murderer who shocked the British public. Used various social networks to contact young women, preferably under old and hard of sociability. Once collected a wide sampling of favorites, he decided to woo Ashleigh Hall, a 17-year-old through the Facebook network. Convinced that he was also a shy young man of 17 years. In late October 2009 was quoted her in a secluded place, kidnapped, brutally tortured, and murdered.
That false sense of horrible events that always happen to others, the Internet makes little more than cannon fodder, in the perfect scapegoats. Browse without taking precautions is simply suicide.


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