Monday, April 12, 2010

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Children, victims of Internet

not surprising that children are the ones that suffer most neglected and unsafe practice of surfing the Internet. They are the population group most enthusiastically are embracing new technologies. According to a study by the Danba, which examined the trafficking of 470,000 Web pages, children spend an hour and twenty minutes to surf the web every day of the week. This time, consume nearly an hour a day on social networks and at least fifteen minutes enjoying videos in many websites, especially in the popular YouTube. All that time are often home alone.
Protege a tus hijos de Internet
Sociologists have dubbed this phenomenon with a very descriptive phrase: Are Children of the key generation. The name comes from the fact that very young, have a copy of house key so they can come when parents have not returned from work. In fact, spend hours at home alone with the TV, games console or Internet, before parents return home. The members of this generation are becoming more numerous. And without the protection of adults, the poor are cannon fodder.
is assumed that there is some control of access to sexual content pages, as we now call adult modestly, but when pollsters asked to minors prohibited by the most-visited pages, the rank porn 73 percent of visits. The rest is not reassuring. Social networks represent 11 per cent stakes, 10 percent, and the pages dedicated to the promotion of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, more than 3 percent.
Protege a tus hijos de Internet
The sad and frightening reality is that English children visit almost any web pages, except the children.
If the police can not cope and the laws are ineffective, it is time for parents to get down to work. You can no longer sit back. Inactivity has paid dearly with the blood of children, whether children or adolescents.


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