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Oceanis Change Background: Change the Windows Desktop background 7 Starter

Windows 7 Starter, cheaper edition of Microsoft's latest operating system, is being installed in almost all netbooks. Its limitations have to do with customization. For example, you can not change the wallpaper. Made

law, a loophole: Change Background Oceanis is a tool to change the background of Windows 7 Starter . Get it through their own process, WallPaperAgent, which remains in memory and force the display of background you want, not fear, only spends about one megabyte of RAM. Oceanis

Change Background is like the wizard of Windows Desktop background 7: a menu for the position of the image, another to define the switching time and funds to randomize the sequence boxes or save power. The image folder from which to choose Oceanis Change Background funds are chosen from the Location menu.

Despite its rustic design and lack of support, Oceanis Change Background achieves its purpose: to provide users of Windows 7 Starter possibility of changing the wallpaper. Oceanis

Change Background supports the following formats: is designed to work only with Windows 7 Starter Edition

Oceanis Change Background Note: You must restart the computer after installation.

If Oceanis stop working after an update, uninstall and reinstall. DOWNLOAD

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