Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Opera: Opera

That Opera browser is a great to have in mind is something that everybody knows today . Loaded with features, but without affecting its speed, is a browser that "makes you want to."

10 version of Opera has excellent support for web standards . No wonder therefore that the new Presto engine to provide a score of 100/100 in the popular Acid3 test, full support for CSS selectors, custom fonts and a host of technologies that other browsers can still only dream .

Opera Some time ago we were surprised to incorporate into your browser's Widgets. Today strikes again with Opera Unite technology that lets you interact with the Internet in various ways through your browser, chat, web server, notes, file and image sharing. Only one requirement: to have Opera open. Opera

10 also incorporates new features: spell checker, automatic updates and send email as HTML or plain text as well as chatting on IRC and synchronization with your favorite Opera ..

In short and in summary, if you were using earlier versions of Opera, it will thrill you , and if so, it's worth giving it deserves an opportunity for the agile and versatile browser that everybody likes.

Recent changes in Opera:
* Better integration with Windows 7
* New javascript engine * New Menu

* Better rendering engine
* Opera Widgets Desktop
Supports download managers

* Private Browsing * Web storage

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Free English

OPERATING SYSTEM: Win98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7


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