Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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TVManRadio Portable: Televisions and radios from Spain at the click

Many television viewers and Internet radio promise wide variety of stations on your list, but there are few who meet expectations.

Portable TVManRadio's approach is much clearer: contains only English television and radio. There is a modest selection of regional channels and radio stations nationwide. Portable TVManRadio reproduces in its own window with Windows Media Player.

Playback can be full screen or in a mini-player . The appearance of the interface is primitive, but the program is quite stable. In addition to radios and televisions, you can see the multi-channel teletext.

Portable TVManRadio Other features are less useful or not work, as recording what you see or hear . If not for its poor usability and these failures, Portable TVManRadio further highlight in the landscape of television Desktop.

Portable TVManRadio Note: is recommended to install the Octoshape plugin to properly view all
TVManRadio Recent changes in Portable:
a full window display * New interface
more orderly
* 100% compatible with Windows 7

* Internal improvements * Improved channel tuning up to 50% faster
* More TV and Radio

DOWNLOAD official Web

Free English

OPERATING SYSTEM: Win2000/XP/2003/Vista/7


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