Monday, February 1, 2010

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Garmin POI Loader: Points of interest to your BASP

POI files are points of interest for GPS navigators. There are plenty of websites offer the most varied POI: radars, hotels, gas stations and many more.

Garmin POI Loader is the official utility to install Garmin POI in their browsers. It is structured as a wizard step where you have to choose the source folder, find your device and upload the files. Garmin POI Loader will load on your device through a USB connection.

few options (like choosing the unit measurement) and the truth is that you miss. Garmin POI Loader is so intuitive and efficient to repeat the process involves no discomfort.

Garmin POI Loader is essential to enrich your maps with points of interest and thus get more out of your GPS device.

Garmin POI Loader supports the following formats: only compatible with Garmin navigators TAGS

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