Friday, December 21, 2007

Why Does Santa Have A Beard

Noooo! Windows Vista, nooo!

Here is a little bad luck and bad experience:

My girlfriend bought a brand new Compaq computer. She looked very pretty, as they had a NVidia graphics, but integrated. I knew I had Vista, but as I have never dealt with him did not say anything. I thought, "mmmm ... How can it be so bad, if total, is for home use, normal." For serious error. His brother, trying to connect a simple pen, any distro of Linux, WinXP or 2K could detect, was not able, I almost went back:-D Na 'to do. What also impressed me that for all calls you find a solution Online. Earlier, at least, he had a support center that allowed you to rule out if your problem was not connecting a cable or something like that:-P I know well that the world is globalized internet, but if not I have internet, or I think it is very unsafe and I do not have internet.

step seems to them to modify Windows hand, will have to start redesigning like crazy driver for Windows Vista. And luckily brought no floppy drive, because I think that's another mess:-D. So if you buy a computer, hopefully peladito, so you install the OS that you like, or finally, Windows XP or Windows 2000.

Hey, for the skeptics, here is this:

recognizes Micorsoft



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