Monday, June 8, 2009

How Do I Delete My Account On Poptropica

A critical ignorant nationality by Grace widow of Victor Jara

An ignorant sent a letter to The Third to complain to the president, the reason of the nationality granted by grace Joan Turner, widow of Victor Jara ... Mr. does not know of the contributions it has made in the dance, the recovery of memory, culture and especially of democracy ... something that many guys like him, misunderstood.

Today should be proud because your opinion appeared in the newspaper. To my embarrassment I did read (and know) that people like him ... ningunear prefer the singer killed by his military admired. Mr. Jorge R. Cold ... has no idea what he's talking ... better get informed ... programs can see cable channel 13, and Warehouse Victor Jara, the group Spiral Dance and ballet at the University of Chile.



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