Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can You Sleep In An Xterra

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culture and art to the highest bidder ...
and I have acquaintances who want to vote for him.

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I feel that in our country we have very little respect for our artists, our culture, our history, our traditions. We're always looking outward. Obviously remarkable things out there, but we must also give more space, more op Ortuno, singers, artists, painters ... "
" How? What way? "Ignacio Franzani interrupts, host of the program.
"We're going to create a Fund for the Promotion of Culture and Art Chileno" answers Piñera.
- As the current one ... - With a difference. That instead of assigning to political cuoteo, as it is now, we will assign democratically. We are going to ask the people to own, through public opinion polls, they decide where they want them to go these funds to promote culture. That the people themselves decide what culture is what you want to promote.
- No jury specialists ... - No, no, no. If jurors at the end you Sabis specialists who have re specialists bit and she ends up being pure political cuoteo ... We intend to do something much more democratic. Asking people, through consultation, what are the artists, what are the areas of Chilean culture you want to promote.
- A consultation as well as Torrealba Vitacura, "as is? - course.
The interview was broadcast last Friday in Via X as far as I remember the first time that explicit Piñera an opinion about the current culture funding, and makes known what would be his proposal: to transform the competitive funds contests popularity.
can see the video here. Piñera's response part at 3 minutes 40 seconds, when he says he feels "that our country we have very little respect for our artists."


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