Friday, August 1, 2008

Booster Seats Requirements

Let us build a bridge over the river of death.

I want to thank each one of the people who in one way or another, shared some moments of their lives with my son Raul Antonio, who has left us a great lesson of joy, selflessness, love for Christ and their peers and have lived every day as if it were your last. In that walked when death found him in his way. Thousands of stars will shine for eternity. My star is extinguished forever, will not be in the sky, but light will accompany the hearts of those who love him and I hope the seeds he sowed sprouted some day.

There are situations and extraordinary experiences in the life of my child I hope to count soon through my blogs that compatible. Although my dream is to write a book, is the least he deserves for his memory.

THANKS! Hug your children and their peers and whether they like it a lot and tell it to Him, life is beautiful.

(pictured center)>

Raul Ortega Riquelme. (His father)


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